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YFM wins Best Generalist VCT at the Tax Efficiency Awards

5 December 2016

YFM wins Best Generalist VCT at the Tax Efficiency Awards

On Friday 2 December YFM Equity Partners won Best Generalist VCT for British Smaller Companies plc at the Investment Week Tax Efficiency Awards 2016.

The inaugural Investment Week tax-efficiency investment awards come at a crucial period for the sector. Changes in the pensions regime in the UK allied to a widespread desire for better yields and a widespread interest in earlier-stage investment opportunities have turned the attentions of the wider investment community towards investments which offer tax efficiency alongside their inherent investment characteristics.

Notwithstanding rules introduced within the past few years regarding investments in renewable energy and changes with regard to qualifying investments, the government remains committed to encouraging the tax-efficiency sector filling the investment gap left by the high-street banks when it comes to early-stage and growth company funding.

The awards are designed to recognise the most successful and forward-thinking providers in the areas of VCTs, EIS and BPR/IHT. Alongside performance criteria, the awards acknowledge the degree to which each provider helped promote a greater understanding of the sector and its benefits with investors and, crucially, advisers.

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