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Powering Tech Driven Change in the UK Care Sector: Our Investment in Antser Group

23 November 2023

Powering Tech Driven Change in the UK Care Sector: Our Investment in Antser Group

Investment: Antser Group

Investment Type: MBO

Sector: Business Services 

It’s no secret that the UK’s health and social care sectors are subject to enormous demand at present – demand that will only continue to grow, placing even greater pressure on service delivery and funding.

Set against this backdrop, the application of innovative solutions that can support efficiency and effectiveness in social care is vital. By embracing new ways of doing things, the sector can better meet the challenges of today and build robustness to face the challenges of tomorrow.

This philosophy is what underpins the work of Midlands-based Antser Group, a leading tech-driven provider of assessments and social care training that was born out of a desire to achieve positive change in the health and social care sectors.

Antser Group’s overriding goal is to take its talent and technology and apply it to support better outcomes for more children, families, vulnerable adults and communities.

Focused on providing truly transformative solutions, Antser Group wants to help lead the way in ‘doing things better’. But what does that mean in practical terms?

In short, it’s a combination of best practice and innovation; bringing together years of sector experience with the use of emerging technologies.

At YFM we can see that this is a winning formula, both in terms of ensuring future growth for Antser Group and supporting the evolving needs of health and social care providers. The business really stands out in its field and that’s why we’re supporting it on the next phase of its journey. Here’s a snap-shot of its strengths:

Leading the vanguard

Antser Group has established an excellent reputation and market-leading credentials for both of its service offerings, which comprise;

  • Carter Brown – the UK’s leading provider of independent psychological, psychiatric and social work assessments for child-related safeguarding and;
  • Antser Learning, a Birmingham-based VR-led, ‘behaviour change’ training tool for front-line children’s care practitioners that enables learners to experience the impact of trauma through the eyes of children and young people.

Central to the Group’s success is its vision to be ‘the partner of choice for the gold standard of best practice, best in class, best value, best services and better solutions’. This focus on delivering excellence for its customers has paid dividends in terms of industry positioning and will continue to inform the business’ growth strategy.

Harnessing emerging technologies

Changing the face of the care sector is no mean feat and, for Antser Group, the key to success lies in embracing the use of emerging technology. When combined with years of care sector experience and expertise, this new tech is delivering novel solutions and enhancements to social care providers.

The Antser team works incredibly hard to innovate for change, in order to ensure the very best outcomes for vulnerable children, young people and adults.

As a result, it has developed one of the first VR-enabled behaviour change programmes designed for children’s and adult’s social care, as well as health and education.

This revolutionary tech uses impactful VR experiences as case studies, immersing users into the lives of three characters, from pre-birth to adolescence. It gives participants the chance to experience real-life situations – like abuse, neglect, and exploitation – directly through the eyes of a child. Delivering a meaningful and highly engaging experience, this innovation is helping to shape the future of social care interactions.

Impressive growth potential

With YFM’s investment in place, Antser Group is set to progress to the next stage of growth, via a management buy-out.

There is a lot to capitalise on here. Both strands of the business are thriving, and both are operating in high-growth markets.

Carter Brown, which is already the leading assessment provider in the UK, now has an opportunity to meet additional customer demand and expand into a number of new verticals. At the same time, Antser Learning, offers the potential to capitalise on rapid-growth in the wider VR-training sector.

The business is a prime example of the type of venture that YFM seeks to back. It’s innovative, led by an exemplary team and has a clear purpose and vision. With plans now moving forward to boost talent development, shape new service offerings and accelerate growth through acquisition, Antser Group’s future is bright.

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