Our values

YFM Equity Partners has a proud history of investing, which dates back to 1982. Our portfolio may have changed over the years, but our ethos has remained the same – to support small businesses across the UK in their next phase of growth.

Our culture and our values serve a purpose to remind us of who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

  • supportive of one another,
  • open & honest in our relationships,
  • interested in our portfolio and the work we do,
  • ambitious for growth,
  • and above all, we do the right thing.
David Hall
Executive Chairman

Our journey


Inception of YFM in Wakefield


First investment Leeds based business Stern Osmat Limited


YFM opened its head office in Leeds


British Smaller Companies VCT fund raised


First investment into Sheffield-based Go Outdoors


YFM opened an office in Manchester


British Smaller Companies VCT2 fund raised


First investment into Liverpool-based Glenvale


YFM opened an office in London


First investment into London-based Harvey Jones


YFM completes its own MBO, forming the partnership


YFM opened an office in Birmingham


£10m Growth Fund I raised


First investment into Oxfordshire-based B2M


£46m Buyout Fund I raised


£10m Growth Fund II raised


£80m Buyout Fund II raised


We support all our colleagues and management teams across the business. There is no place for ego at YFM and we recognise that things don’t always go to plan.

"Our collegiate, positive and inclusive approach is key to our success. We actively share ideas and speak up without fear of criticism or blame.

This approach promotes initiative and collaboration, differentiating us as a great place to work and creates real empowerment."

Eamon Nolan, Managing Director

Open & fair

Our portfolio and investors want regular communication and reliable, open relationships with YFM.

"YFM has a strong reputation for delivering on our promises which has been built over considerable time.

We look to combine consistency, with a straightforward and approachable nature to build professional yet close relationships with all our stakeholders."

Mike White, Partner


We are an engaged and interested business partner. We work in partnership with management teams to achieve our common goals.

“Our passion for the work we do and our love for business is what drives YFM forward.

Like everyone, we spend quite a lot of time at work, so it’s really important to us that we all enjoy the environment we work in, and the people, businesses and management teams we work with.”

Helen Villiers, Investment Manager


We want to work with ambitious, energetic and forward-thinking management teams where we see a strong cultural fit and an opportunity to add value.

“It is not only our management teams that are ambitious, but so are our investors.

It is always exciting to marry these two ambitions and right now is an exceptional time to scale and grow the businesses, the value of our investments and funds under management.“

Jamie Roberts, Partner

Do the right thing

YFM is built on our belief that we should always do the right thing.

"As a regulated firm, the FCA principles of integrity, due skill, care and diligence run through our business, but our culture to do the right thing doesn’t end there. No matter what your position or role in the company, each and every one of us has a responsibility to be a team player, support our colleagues and lift each other up to deliver a first-class service."

Molly Lyne, Office Manager & Executive Assistant

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