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Equipping the Mental Health Sector with Expert Resource: Our Investment in Psychology Tools

21 February 2024

Equipping the Mental Health Sector with Expert Resource: Our Investment in Psychology Tools

Investment: Psychology Tools

Investment Type: Buyout Fund Investment

Sector: B2B – Online resources to psychology and mental health professionals

Boosting the nation’s army of psychologists and mental health professionals remains a top priority for the UK, as efforts are made to address the growing demand for mental health support amongst the general public.

Government plans to improve mental health access include a 26% increase in training places for clinical psychology, and child and adolescent psychotherapy by 2031, along with building the number of approved clinician roles across mental health services.

Resources that can help to progress this mission and enhance the professional development of mental health specialists, not just in the UK but across the world, are increasingly called for. And it’s here that YFM’s latest investee business is committed to making a difference.

Psychology Tools is a leading online platform designed to support therapists with best practice evidence-based resources, tools, and guidance. Users access its content, which includes downloadable research papers, session plans, Q&A guides and audiobooks, via annual subscription to an online platform. But its remit isn’t limited to health professionals, the platform is also providing free, high-quality mental health information to members of the public.

There is a huge need for the services that Psychology Tools offers and now, with YFM Equity Partners investment from the Buyout Fund II, the business can expand its team, accelerate its growth plans and support even more people. Here’s why the future looks bright for this innovative venture:

A stand-out team

Psychology Tools is a business established and delivered by experts. Founded in 2008 by clinical psychologist Dr Matthew Whalley, it started out as a part time passion project aimed at providing psychologists with high quality content that was easy to access, understand, and distribute. Since then, and with a team of clinical and operational experts behind it, Psychology Tools has grown to be a highly regarded and successful business with over 25,000 subscribers globally.

YFM Equity Partners have helped to galvanise this expertise by assisting in the appointment of a Chair and a COO for the business. The new senior appointees are now supporting the strategic development of Psychology Tools, alongside Dr Whalley.

Responsive resource excellence

With hundreds of evidence-based resources, tools and guidance documents available, Psychology Tools has built a leading reputation for quality content and accessibility.

Dedicated to making therapists’ lives easier, the Psychology Tools library, which is populated by highly qualified clinicians and academics, enables the delivery of ‘great therapy to more clients’. Tools and techniques are available for every stage of professional development. And a separate resource can be accessed, for free, by members of the public seeking professional quality self-help. It’s a resource that is continuously expanding, in line with demand.

A clear vision for growth

Psychology Tools is ideally equipped to optimise on an ever-growing need for professional support tools in the mental health arena.

With YFM’s investment and the expert guidance of the new Chair and COO, we are confident that Psychology Tools can execute a growth plan that will benefit both the business and its thousands of users across the globe. The business is backed by a clear vision and a passion for specialist service provision – both are vital parts of any success formula.


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