Lockdown Legends…v1.0

Charlie Robinson, Partner

It won’t go back to how it was – why now’s the time to raise growth capital

Ian Waterfield, Partner

Exploring investment opportunities in the South West and Wales

David Wrench, Investment Director

Meet Victor Christou, our new Head of Growth

Victor Christou, Partner - Head of Growth

Property experts on rental costs post-COVID

Roux Brits, Portfolio Director

Acquisition strategies and the role of private equity

Roshan Puri, Investment Director

Investing in growing your leadership team

Dan Freed, Partner

Leaving a company and joining YFM in lockdown

Laura Sisson, Investment Manager

8 things to consider when managing your short term cash flow

Aaron Lowery, Investment Manager

8 things to consider before you approach your bank

Andy Thomas, Partner

Adapting to the new normal

David Hall, Managing Director

The value add of a good CFO

James Savage, Partner

Driving more from a sales function

Jamie Roberts, Partner

Impact Investing – a nice to have or an expectation?

Helen Villiers, Investment Manager

Thinking of buying out a non-core business from a larger group?

Dan Freed, Partner

3 Reasons Why Private Equity Loves to Subscribe

Mike Clarke, Partner

International expansion – buy it, or build it?

Jamie Roberts, Partner

A management team that understands the commercial model is essential

Charlie Robinson, Partner

Bigger or better?

Paul Cannings, Partner

Preparing for a Series A funding round

Adam Hart, Investment Manager

Choosing a private equity investor

Steve Harrison, Partner

Has there been a better time to raise scale up capital?

Ian Waterfield, Partner

Preparing to sell your business

Eamon Nolan, Partner

Pushing geographical boundaries – easier said than done…but worth it?

Charlie Robinson, Partner

If you’ve got a good idea – stick with it

Paul Cannings, Partner

Isn’t life complicated enough?

David Bell, Partner - Head of Portfolio

Funding Options for SMEs

Andy Thomas, Partner

The YFM approach to managing investments

James Savage, Partner

Why sophisticated investors are increasingly turning to Private Equity

Mike White, Partner - Investor Relations

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