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KeTech secures new Australian contract

2 February 2021

KeTech secures new Australian contract

KeTech is thrilled to share that the team has successfully secured a contract with Alstom in Brisbane. KeTech is excited to be designing a bespoke system for Queensland Rail’s NGR fleet, and for the first time, deliver real-time information to the passengers of QR. KeTech is well known in the UK rail industry for its market leading real time information systems and it seems the news has travelled overseas, 9443 miles to be exact.

Back in 2019 KeTech announced a working partnership with Omada Rail Systems; a leading provider of railway signalling engineering services and operating in several regions of Australia. Experts in design and project management with a commitment to leading the latest advancements in the rail industry, KeTech and Omada are the perfect match. With Omada’s support throughout this project,

KeTech will create and deliver two bespoke software systems providing real-time information to and from the Queensland Rail NGR. Omada will be providing on-the-ground staff to assist with project delivery and local client interface.

KeTech will provide two real-time systems for differing applications and both of these will be integrated under KeTech’s UIS software architecture allowing scalability, commonality of; data, database design, cyber security and GUI designs, as well as providing a ‘single source of truth’. Both of the systems involve wayside to train communications and require robust high-performance software to provide a successful system.

What is KeTech’s Universal Information System (UIS)? It’s an overarching architecture, an intelligent data engine hosted in the cloud (or locally if required). Data is turned into intelligent information, analysing and delivering real-time meaningful information that was inaccessible before. A platform designed by the clever people here at KeTech that handles voluminous, multi-structured data in real-time. It presents each user with the relevant information in a useable format. The system will increase the scalability, availability, performance and the security of the data that Queensland Rail use every day.

Whilst this project is providing real-time information to the trains, once deployed it could be easily expanded to provide additional information to QR staff or Customers before they board the trains. KeTech is pleased to be supplying its real-time technology to Queensland with this industry leading technology alongside the commitment of delivering to the highest standard, even if we are on the other side of the world. The passengers and staff at Queensland Rail are about to become #BetterInformed, they may even wonder how they ever lived without it.

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