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KeTech launches real-time information screens

14 July 2016

KeTech launches real-time information screens

Hull Trains roll out KeInform500 Real-Time PIS to whole fleet.

Following incredible feedback from passengers, Hull Trains has now become the very first train operator in the UK to roll-out up-to-the-minute passenger information screens on all their units.

Hull Trains, in partnership with KeTech Systems trialled the screens last year, before taking the decision to install them on every vehicle.

The High Definition screens display live real-time train running information fed from a system known as ‘Darwin’. Passengers can view accurate arrival and departure times during their journey as well as information from connecting stations and services.

In addition to current train running information, passengers are shown supplementary information including departure boards when approaching interchange stations, underground status updates and even the weather at their destination. They will also be informed of any impending engineering works as well as promotional offers and services.

Since the trial last year, the system has now been enhanced even further. Jon Plowright, Head of Engineering at Hull Trains says: “The supply of real time running information data during journeys is a significant step forward in terms of passenger information and customer service. Hull Trains’ passengers will now be fully informed about all aspects of their journey both prior to departure, on-board the train and also on arrival at their station for planning onward journeys. The state of the art equipment is an innovative solution to meeting the information needs of today’s customer.”

The project is a collaborative scheme involving various partners including Hull Trains, ATOC, Angel Trains, Alstom, KeTech and Icomera.

KeTech’s Technical Manager Mike Dixon says: “KeTech is very proud to be at the forefront of passenger information technology in the UK rail industry. We are fortunate to have been able to work with Hull Trains, a customer focused and forward thinking organisation that has engaged, supported and enabled KeTech to deliver its revolutionary Keinform500 system. Hull Trains’ passengers are now the most well informed on the UK rail network.”

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