Retail performance data and analysis services



Business Services


Milton Keynes, Boston and San Diego

Deal type

Management Buyout

Investment size


Investment date(s)

2014, 2015



"YFM’s understanding of the retail market made them a perfect partner for us, as they immediately grasped the advantages of our services and introduced potential customers and partners to us shortly after our first meeting. They also introduced a chair whose wealth of experience in retail technology and services has already been invaluable to us."

Steve Booth, CEO of Springboard

The business

  • A specialist provider of footfall and other performance data for the retail industry
  • One co-founder looking to buy out the other
  • Strong potential for increased geographical and vertical expansion

The strategy

  • Invest in corporate infrastructure to scale up the business
  • Expand customer base with a focus on the US market
  • Position the company as a niche market leader with strong recurring revenues

This video was made in 2019 by Springboard to showcase their footfall service which allows clients to measure their customer activity, 24/7, whatever the environment.

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