Sarian Systems

Designer and manufacturer of IP routers

Sarian Systems


Advanced manufacturing



Deal type

Growth Capital

Investment size

Undisclosed - 8x return

Investment date(s)

2000 & 2002 - 2008

"As we moved to establish offices and subcontract manufacturing capabilities, YFM helped with the recruitment of key staff and introduced a number of contacts that helped us to develop and manage the international multi-million pound business we became."

Andy Hood, CEO of Sarian Systems

The business

  • Producers of IP commercial routers for mission critical applications in the retail, lottery, telemetry and remote access sectors
  • Supports sophisticated remote analysis and automated management
  • An impressive list of blue chip customers including American Express, Travelex, T-Mobile and BP

The strategy

  • Back the visionary CEO to capitalise on the trend for faster, more cost-effective ISDN, GPRS and IP networks
  • Build the UK customer base and expand into overseas markets
  • Grow the product range and customer portfolio to make the business an attractive acquisition for a broad range of trade buyers

The developments

  • Supported the company with additional funding through the telecoms downturn
  • Invested in product development, culminating in a series of advanced wired and wireless IP routers which accelerated growth further
  • Sold to Digi Inc, a Nasdaq listed international leader in business device networking, as part of a $33m deal which delivered an 8x return
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