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Announcing our £9.3m Buy Out Fund II investment into Resulting IT

17 May 2023

Announcing our £9.3m Buy Out Fund II investment into Resulting IT

Total Invested: £9.3 Million 

Investment From: Buyout Fund II

Fuelling growth and innovation in the SAP market. 

The SAP market has experienced rapid growth in recent years with over 230 million cloud users to date. This growth has been expedited by the pandemic, as companies adapted to the challenges of remote work and sought to enhance automation and system integration to minimize vulnerabilities 

Resulting IT distinguished itself in the marketplace as a business-side SAP consultancy, offering clients valuable advisory services. Their expertise lies in helping organisations define strategies, develop delivery roadmaps, and select the most suitable solutions. Moreover, they offer invaluable project management assistance. Their team of program managers is highly experienced and proficient in managing complex and large projects. 

For these reasons among many others, we are thrilled to announce our strategic investment of £9.3 million in Resulting IT. This investment aims to empower this leading tech consultancy. It will help them expand their presence in the UK market and pursue further growth opportunities. Additionally, it will enable them to make inroads into new sectors. 

Resulting IT’s customer centric approach sets them apart from its competitors. This unique positioning has attracted a prestigious roster of clients, including the NHS and Transport for London.  

Our partnership with Resulting IT marks a significant milestone in the technology industry. The investment also underscores our commitment to providing innovative solutions that address the needs of the growing technology sector.  

With the new funding, Resulting IT will be able to further develop their cutting-edge services and expand their reach to new markets. Our expertise combined with Resulting IT’s innovative solutions will give them the capability to build a powerful platform of products and services. This platform will revolutionize the technology industry.  

The team at Resulting IT bring together several decades of experience and we are excited to see the impact of our investment and look forward to a long-term partnership. 

It not only provides Resulting IT with the financial resources to expand and innovate but also highlights the growing importance of ERP expertise in an evolving business landscape. Resulting IT is a leader in independent SAP consulting and is capitalising on growth opportunities. This ability to drive digital transformation and provide exceptional customer service will shape the future of the industry. 

Image: L-R Sean Baber (Delivery Director, Resulting IT), Laura Sisson (Investment Manager, YFM), Stuart Browne (Managing Director, Resulting IT), Nick Coburn (Consulting Director, Resulting IT), Gustav Botha (Client Director, Resulting IT), Gavin Chadwick (Portfolio Director, YFM)  and Ian Waterfield (Partner, YFM)

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