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YFM Scale-Up Continues with New Investment Director Hire

7 June 2023

YFM Scale-Up Continues with New Investment Director Hire

YFM Equity Partners announced the appointment of Matt Gordon-Smith as Investment Director to strengthen our presence in the South and support our ongoing scale-up plans.

This strategic move comes as we continue to experience impressive growth, with an expanded team and increased funds under management. With his extensive experience in investment management, Matt will play a crucial role in identifying new investment opportunities and assisting high-growth UK businesses in our expansion endeavours.

YFM’s Remarkable Growth:

Over the past two years, YFM Equity Partners has achieved remarkable growth, with a 30% increase in our headcount and a 50% rise in funds under management, exceeding £550 million. These impressive figures are a testament to the company’s success and its ability to attract talented professionals like Matt Gordon-Smith.

Meet Matt Gordon-Smith:

Matt brings a wealth of experience to his new role as Investment Director at YFM Equity Partners. Prior to joining the firm, he served as an Investment Manager at Mobeus Equity Partners for seven years, where he successfully identified and executed investment opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the UK. Before that, he spent nine years as an Associate Director in the corporate finance team at HMT LLP. Matt’s expertise and extensive background in investment management make him an invaluable addition to the YFM team.

YFM Equity Partner’s Focus on Supporting UK Businesses:

As Investment Director, Matt Gordon-Smith will focus on sourcing new investment opportunities and providing support to high-growth UK businesses during their next phase of expansion.

YFM Equity Partners has a strong track record of assisting companies in unlocking their growth potential. By investing between £2 million and £10 million, YFM helps fuel the development of established businesses across the UK regions. Our approach involves working closely with management teams to drive long-term value, launch new initiatives, facilitate transformative acquisitions, and upgrade technologies and systems.

YFM on Matt Gordon-Smith:

Jamie Roberts, YFM Partner and Head of New Investments in the South, expressed his confidence in Matt’s capabilities, stating that his expertise and experience will position YFM at the forefront of the private equity market.

Matt himself is excited about joining YFM, given the firm’s phenomenal growth in recent years and its dynamic, collaborative culture. He looks forward to leveraging his expertise to benefit investors and the businesses supported by YFM Equity Partners.

Impact on the Private Equity Market

The appointment of Matt Gordon-Smith as Investment Director reflects YFM Equity Partners’ commitment to expanding its presence in the South and supporting high-growth UK businesses. With impressive growth figures and a dedicated team, YFM continues to make a positive impact on the private equity market and UK business growth.


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