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YFM invests in deep tech AI company Biorelate

29 November 2022

YFM invests in deep tech AI company Biorelate

Manchester-based AI company to use the capital to fund its product, sales and marketing departments, and establish an operation in the US.

Founded in 2014 and led by Daniel Jamieson, Biorelate curates dark biomedical knowledge to empower drug discovery with its proprietary AI platform, Galactic AI™. Galactic AI’s innovative technology uniquely combines natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to capture highly valuable biomedical data that pharmaceutical and life sciences organisations can utilise to improve decision making in their drug discovery programs.

As drug discovery becomes increasingly more difficult to turn a profit, biopharmaceutical companies are investing more into AI and data-driven solutions that improve the chances of success. These same approaches can also be instrumental in finding entirely new hypotheses unforeseen by human experts. Biorelate are helping on both fronts by capturing billions of biomedical datapoints not found in existing databases, that they use to form a more complete map of scientific research. They then use this to support biopharma companies with target, biomarker and other related drug discovery challenges. Since launching Galactic AI™ in 2020, Biorelate has experienced significant growth and has brought on board leading global companies such as AstraZeneca and Idorsia, as well as a host of other undisclosed names.

Dan Jamieson, founder and CEO of Biorelate, said: ”Drug discovery is so exciting right now, as there are just so many incredible companies working on remarkable new therapeutics. Equally, we are at a time where there is a stupendous amount of untapped evidence, like cause-and-effect, sat dark and subsequently unused by these same companies. Our mission at Biorelate is to capture this untapped data and help them make sense of it. With this improved understanding we are empowering these companies to make better decisions and speed up the drug discovery process.”

Andy Thomas, Partner at YFM Equity Partners, said: “By quickly and effectively processing the growing and evolving swathe of publicly available biomedical data, Biorelate has the ability to be at the forefront of innovation in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. We are excited to be part of the next step in the business’ journey, and see huge potential for continued growth and expansion.”

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