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Enhancing Employee Engagement and Retention: Our Investment in WorkBuzz

22 June 2023

Enhancing Employee Engagement and Retention: Our Investment in WorkBuzz

Enhancing Employee Engagement and Retention: Our Investment in WorkBuzz

  • Investment: Workbuzz
  • Investment Round: Series A
  • Investment amount: £4.7 million
  • Additional Investors: Mercia and Foresight Group, which were both investing from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF).

In today’s competitive business landscape, organisations are increasingly recognising the significance of their people strategies to address core pain points such as talent shortages, hybrid working and changing employee expectations. In addition, companies are turning to data-driven HR decisions, led by technology and insights.

Organisations are currently facing talent shortages, which in turn is pushing up recruitment and employment costs. According to a recent research by Manpower published in City AM, one in five businesses are struggling to fill vacancies because of a lack of skilled workers. In turn, there has been a renewed focus on talent retention and employee engagement. The shift towards hybrid working cultures since the pandemic is also leading to an upswing in firms measuring and tracking employee engagement .

Employee engagement plays a pivotal role in resolving challenges related to recruitment success rates, retention rates, and overall productivity. Needless to say, organisations are welcoming solutions to these ongoing costly challenges to attract, engage and retain their workforces.

For these reasons, among many others we are thrilled to announce that we are leading an investment in WorkBuzz, a cutting-edge platform, empowering organisations to better understand and serve their workforce.

Their solution is enabling HR leaders to make informed decisions based on real-time insights. The easy to use, customisable platform is giving businesses the listening tools to really understand their employees to help better achieve organisational goals.

What does Workbuzz do?

WorkBuzz provides organisations with the tools to create engaging surveys and combines this data with expert insight.

What sets WorkBuzz apart is its intelligent algorithms, which assess survey responses in real-time, extracting valuable insights and identifying emerging trends.

The platform also flags potential risk areas and suggests effective strategies to address them. These insights range from identifying early indicators of potential employee departures to highlighting issues within the onboarding process or pinpointing areas of training needs.

While employee listening is crucial, it serves as just the initial step on the journey towards enhancing employee engagement and retention. WorkBuzz, with its expertise in People Science, provides organizations with the knowledge to comprehend the human behaviours that drive results. Armed with this knowledge, organizations can make significant improvements that positively impact their entire workforce.

Understanding the ‘Why’ and Implementing the ‘How’:

WorkBuzz helps organisations to unravel the ‘why’ behind employee decisions and challenges.

By understanding why employees want to leave or what issues they are facing, companies can implement effective solutions to improve retention, career development, and inclusivity.

The platform’s data-driven approach provides actionable suggestions and strategies, enabling organizations to fix existing problems and create a positive work environment.

 Accelerating Insights with Powerful Analytics:

By connecting the dots and analysing the data, organizations gain invaluable insights into the human behaviors that impact their workforce. WorkBuzz’s team of People Science experts brings context and meaning to the collected data, unlocking a deeper understanding of the organization’s dynamics.

What we Like About WorkBuzz

WorkBuzz emerges as a game-changer, empowering HR leaders with real-time insights, intelligent algorithms, and actionable strategies. By leveraging the platform’s capabilities, organisations can can pave the way for a more engaged, motivated, and fulfilled workforce, driving long-term success in the modern business landscape.

In an era defined by the ‘Great Resignation’, hybrid working, and the continuous war for talent, organisations must prioritise employee engagement and retention. They are well positioned to respond to these very real pain points proven by the strong roster of clients they serve and are going throw a very exciting period of growth.

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