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Supporting Cleaning Industry Eco-Solutions: Our Investment in Spotless Water

17 June 2024

Supporting Cleaning Industry Eco-Solutions: Our Investment in Spotless Water

Investment: Spotless Water

Investment Type: Growth Capital

Investment Amount: £3.6 million

Sector: B2B

YFM has long recognised the power of pioneering ideas and unique business propositions tailored to meet specific market needs.

These qualities, alongside a commitment to sustainability, are central to the success of Spotless Water – the latest YFM investee venture.

Founded in 2016, Spotless Water has carved out a leading position in the ultra-pure water (UPW) sector.

Widely used in the window and solar panel cleaning industries, UPW is water that has undergone a stringent purification process to remove all minerals and impurities. Unlike regular water, when UPW dries, it doesn’t leave behind mineral deposits.

Spotless Water began life as an UPW pioneer and, to this day, remains the only national, eco-solution for UPW, which it provides to customers via a UK-wide network of self-service water dispensing stations. Always seeking to harness technological advancements, the business has also developed its own custom-built software to run the advanced self-service technology within its filling stations.

And, with sustainability featuring prominently amongst the needs of its customers, Spotless Water is focused on helping the cleaning sector to reduce water wastage and pollution.

With YFM’s backing, Spotless Water now has an opportunity to build rapidly on its already strong network of self-service sites and enhance its team of UPW specialists. The business is set to exceed the expectations of its markets, thanks to these vital elements:

Customer Convenience Focus

Customers are attracted to the Spotless Water proposition because it is designed with the highest levels of convenience in mind. Spotless self-service units can be accessed 24/7 access and are maintained consistently, so that companies no longer need to worry about the multitude of issues that can arise when trying to produce their own pure water. The stations are also super-efficient, dispensing water at up to 100 litres per minute, with built-in quality monitoring.

Spotless customers are able to opt in to a customer account portal, which enables them to manage their operatives’ costs and expenses, supporting account management and tracking. Everything is shaped to make life easier for the end user.


Proprietary Technology Designed for Excellence

Spotless Water’s foundations were built by tech experts and the business is the result of many rounds of research, software development, filtration design, and station testing.

The software behind the company’s advanced self-service technology is custom-built. Each station has an array of sensors, which alerts Spotless Water head office to any issues or required maintenance. The performance, TDS level and water purity at each site are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tackling Eco Concerns

Providing an eco-friendly UPW solution to its customer base is a vital part of the Spotless Water mission. Every year large amounts of resin waste, produced by the cleaning industry, ends up in landfills and Spotless Water is determined to help reduce this via the technology used within its stations. The business is focused on helping its customers to deliver on green procurement policies (GPP) by providing UPW with the lowest environmental impact.

Spotless Water illustrates perfectly how a grassroots venture with original ideas and propositions can prosper, especially when powered by proprietary technology. With this blueprint in place, the business is set to replicate its success to-date as it expands it sites across the UK.



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