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Panintelligence profiled by the Yorkshire Post

21 February 2020

Panintelligence profiled by the Yorkshire Post

How Leeds-based Panintelligence aims to create dozens of jobs as it earns place alongside biggest global brands

Sometimes placing a pin in a map is the best way of finding the job of your dreams. Just ask Zandra Moore, who is transforming Leeds-based Panintelligence into one of the UK’s leading technology companies.

“Most of the good things that have happened to me have been happy accidents,” she said. “I’ve got an open mindset. I have always believed in my power to change things.”

She first became aware of Panintelligence – or Pancredit as it was then called – almost a decade ago when she had her own consultancy, Sales Cake, and was working part-time.

The Huddersfield University graduate had already built a strong reputation as a software sales consultant who had worked in Australia, Asia and the UK. Now she was looking for a fresh challenge which could fit around family life.

Ms Moore added: “I put a pin in the map to find all the software companies within a two-mile radius of our home.”

She emailed bosses at Pancredit, which was within easy travelling distance of her house, and they invited her in to work on sales one day a week. After Pancredit was sold, she decided to take a stake in what is now Panintelligence.

Read the full article by Greg Wright on The Yorkshire Post website.

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