Outpost VFX

Visual effects for film and TV

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Bournemouth, London, Los Angeles, Montreal and Mumbai

Deal type

Growth Capital

Investment size


Investment date(s)

2021 2021 & 2023



"YFM is more than a financial backer to Outpost. With its significant market experience in the film and post-production sectors, YFM brings a wealth of experience that marries perfectly with our growth strategy. Its track record of success in this field alongside its talent network provides Outpost with enhanced opportunities to develop as an intelligent and creative business. Both Outpost and YFM share the same core cultural values, a unified vision that will undoubtedly aid in building a diverse and ethical company."

Duncan McWilliam, founder and CEO of Outpost VFX

The business

  • A visual effects firm best known for their striking environments, seamless digital makeup and photoreal creatures
  • Headquartered in Bournemouth, with studios in Montréal and London
  • An impressive client list which includes global streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and Apple, and major Hollywood studios

The strategy

  • Open a new studio in Los Angeles to provide a solid base for further international expansion
  • Invest in infrastructure and proprietary technology to keep Outpost at the cutting edge of the market
  • Maintain the strong company culture as the business expands globally
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