Film and media post-production services



New media


London and Los Angeles

Deal type

Growth Capital

Investment size

£6m - 2.25x (part realised)

Investment date(s)




"We have really enjoyed working with YFM, who have been a great partner and backed us to deliver our plans. The cultural fit has been strong and we have enjoyed YFM’s straight-forward and pragmatic approach."

Peter Wright, Co-founder and CEO of Eikon

The business

  • End-to-end digital production services for film, TV and online media
  • Operated from a state of the art facility in London and a small office in Los Angeles
  • Specialises in digital mastering and localisation

The strategy

  • Invest in a cutting edge new facility in Los Angeles to support the US expansion plan
  • Increase the existing share in core markets
  • Develop relationships with new market entrants such as Netflix and Amazon

The developments

  • Built and opened a new office/production centre in Los Angeles in 2018
  • Developed new technology to streamline the global film distribution process
  • More than doubled revenue in the 18 months post investment
  • Secured investment from Tenzing Private Equity in 2019, facilitating further growth and part realising the YFM investment for a 2.25x return
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