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Boosting Big Brand Engagement in the Metaverse: Our Investment in GEEIQ

19 September 2023

Boosting Big Brand Engagement in the Metaverse: Our Investment in GEEIQ

Investment: GEEIQ 

Investment Round: Series A  

Investment amount: £6.57 million

Sector: UK Tech

Reaching, engaging and retaining target audiences is vital to the success of consumer brands. As technology and media has evolved, this has driven the need to build a presence across a range of marketing platforms, advancing from traditional print media to online and social media channels.

And now brands are once again shifting their focus to a new medium, one that’s undergoing rapid growth and has the potential to offer a more immersive and personalised customer experience – the metaverse.

In this relatively nascent space, however, companies often find it challenging to put effective marketing strategies in place. How do they reach the right audiences, design the best brand activations, trigger the strongest response and measure their success? It’s here that UK-based metaverse data intelligence specialist GEEIQ is providing a solution and that’s why we’re thrilled to have led the series a investment of £6.57 million into this pioneering UK tech business.

There is major growth potential in the metaverse-related sector and GEEIQ has tapped into that through ingenuity and insight. Our funding will help the business accelerate its scale-up plans, explore potential international expansion and further develop its data platform product.

Here’s a snapshot view of GEEIQ’s expertise, underlining exactly why we’ve invested in them:

Always ahead of the market

Launched in 2018, fast-growing business GEEIQ was one of the first to identify a mounting need for data intelligence in the evolving metaverse market, which it defines as virtual gaming and social environments, such as Roblox, Decentraland and Fortnite.

The GEEIQ platform leverages data from the metaverse to help brands navigate this new marketing vertical effectively. Via a subscription-based model, with managed services embedded into contracts, GEEIQ enables brands to maximise their metaverse investment through data-led decision making. It also empowers them to measure and attribute the real-world value of engagement with their virtual activations.

As a result of its leading technology, data-wealth and expert team, GEEIQ has positioned itself as the decision-making point for brands seeking to identify and optimise their virtual strategies, helping them to reach, engage and retain new, virtual audiences.

The preferred partner for big-name brands

Some of the biggest brands in the world have been relying on GEEIQ to help them gain a data-driven and profitable presence in the metaverse.

High-profile, international brands that have engaged to-date include Tommy Hilfiger, Porsche and Gucci. GEEIQ’s platform also helped to ensure the successful execution of a ground-breaking virtual Roblox concert from Elton John and Universal Music. The event – ‘Elton John Presents: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road’ – became the highest-rated concert in Roblox history.

Led and delivered by an exceptional team

GEEIQ was founded by Charles Hambro (CEO), James Burden (COO) and Andrew Burden (CTO) in 2018. The three founders previously worked together at a data-driven creative production consultancy and their expertise and experience led them to identify an opportunity to provide a data-led approach to support brands in entering the burgeoning gaming space.

They have since shaped GEEIQ into the outstanding business it is today, supported by experienced Chair, Michel Cassius, previously of Apple, Electronic Arts and Microsoft Xbox, who was introduced by YFM Equity Partners.

GEEIQ now boasts a rich skill set, delivered by a team of data and virtual strategy experts, and complemented by a strong sales division.

Perfectly positioned for growth

GEEIQ is in a prime position to address the ever-developing needs of brands seeking to grow addressable audiences and create sustainable revenue streams in the metaverse. Our investment will turbo-charge this mission, boosting GEEIQ’s capacity to support its current and future clients. 

When you consider that the global gaming market alone is valued at $178bn today and forecast to reach over $250bn by the end of 2025, the opportunity for GEEIQ to attract additional clients and build upon its current success is obvious.

Traditional advertising and social media presence is no longer enough for visionary brands that want to create impact. They are directing their advertising spend towards the metaverse and they need tools like GEEIQ for KPI measurement and attribution. GEEIQ is helping to shape the success of the metaverse as a marketing vertical for consumer brands. It is perfectly placed to exploit exciting marketing dynamics and has huge growth potential.

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