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Automating Stakeholder Research: Our Investment In Xapien

13 April 2023

Automating Stakeholder Research: Our Investment In Xapien

TOTAL RAISED: £4.5 Million

LED BY: YFM Equity Partners

OTHER INVESTORS: D2 Fund & Angel investors


Everyone needs to know who they are doing business with. It’s a sector wide, global problem. Historically, the data to know your third parties and the power to collate this into a workable report has only been available to a small proportion of experts.

For client onboarding, for example, despite mandatory KYC checks, fraud levels remain high. In addition, firms seeking to do international business are facing complicated risks from emerging ESG considerations.

There is a continuing explosion in publicly available information, and ever increasing regulation. The process requires timely, human-led research based on facts. It also relies on the input of personal documents and structured data. Ultimately, this leads to poor information, which exposes businesses to risk.

Xapien offers a global solution to the time and money wasted by businesses across multiple sectors when it comes to third party research. Their AI platform enables businesses to access the data they need to make informed decisions about the risk associated with their stakeholders.

Their technology fully automates background research and delivers a concise, meaningful report with deep contextual background on any individual or organisation. The report, unlike the traditional factual checks from structured data, will highlight personal and professional affiliations, risks, and networks, set in context.

This ability to provide an efficient and innovative research solution that solves a universal, sector wide problem led YFM Equity Partner to invest in Xapien.

Xapien is used in a variety of tasks, such as client onboarding, selection, investment due diligence, compliance, and prospect research. It provides a competitive edge, saving costs by building internal research capacity quickly and thoroughly. This reduces the need for internal and outsourcing costs.

Currently, the technology is used in multiple sectors from client onboarding in regulated law firms and financial services companies to donor due diligence and prospect research in the philanthropy sector.

Helping The World Do Better Business

We like Xapien for automating an otherwise expensive and timely manual process and delivering valuable and usable results. There is an increasing need for organisations to really “know” their third parties and current methods will not scale.

Xapien shows there is a better way. Their proven technology is saving businesses time and money and the solution is global across sector and location.

The management team includes technology experts with decades of experience in intelligence and financial crime.  The high calibre team has a well-defined vision and plan for the future. The growth Xapien has seen is a testament to their people and technology.

This investment is an important step for Xapien to realise their vision to help the world do better business. The proceeds will be used to accelerate product development and go-to-market, expand into new verticals and extend the US footprint.

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