British Smaller Companies VCT2 Plc

Portfolio data

Portfolio by sector

Software, IT & telecoms: 53%
Business services: 39%
Retail and brands: 4%
Manufacturing: 3%
Healthcare: 1%

Age of investments

Less than 1 year: 22%
1-3 years: 9%
3-5 years: 36%
5+ years: 33%

Investment instrument

Ordinary shares: 67%
Preference shares / Loan: 33%

Value compared to cost

Value above cost: 63%
At cost: 3%
Value below cost: 34%

Key Investments

CompanyCurrent Cost £000Valuation £000% of Net Assets by Value
ACC Aviation1455,014 8.0%
Intelligent Office UK1,9562,7114.3%
Unbiased Ltd1,9642,0223.2%
Deep Secure5001,3002.1%
Arcus Global1,9501,1081.7%
Ncam Technologies1,4131,0731.7%
Total of investment above £0.75 million19,69828,78145.8%
Total Portfolio36,97834,68155.2%
Registered Office of British Smaller Companies VCT2 plc: 5th Floor Valiant Building, 14 South Parade, Leeds LS1 5QS. Registered No: 04084003. Corporate Governance: A full section on corporate governance is available in the latest BSC2 Annual Report which can be found in the Investor Information section of this website. British Smaller Companies VCT2 plc is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a small registered UK AIFM, No. 659172.
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