British Smaller Companies VCT Plc

Fundraising Overview

Shares  were allotted on Friday 7th January 2021.  An email was sent out on the 7th December 2021 confirming the allotment date.  If you have not received this email please check your spam.

The Companies launched offers for subscription (the “Offers”) on 22 September 2021 seeking to raise £60 million in aggregate for the 2021/22 tax year.

As a result of the strong level of demand the Companies have now received applications to the maximum level permitted and, as a consequence, the Offers are now closed to new applications. It is intended that the first and final allotment for the 2021/22 tax year will take place on or around 7 January 2022 with certificates issued within 10 working days thereafter.

The Companies have issued a prospectus relating to the Offers (the “Prospectus”).

The Prospectus is available from the link below.

Closing Date: 12th November 2021

Allotment Date: 7th January 2022


Fundraising progress

Funds raised

£60.0m - amount raised
£0.0m - amount remaining
These figures are correct as at Friday 12th November 2021

Offer Documents

Please click on the links below to download all the relevant documents for the 2021-22 BSC VCTs fundraising.


General Enquires

For general enquires about the BSC VCTs offer, please contact Tracey Nice via [email protected] or 07500 330 986.

Current Applications

For an enquiry about an application already submitted, you should contact the Receiving Agent, City Partnership, at [email protected] or call 01484 240 910 (lines are open from 09.00 to 17.30, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

Income Tax Relief Certificates

Income tax relief certificates will be issued by email to each Shareholder by the Receiving Agent, City Partnership, within two Business Days of the allotment (or a hard copy certificate will be posted within ten Business Days if an Applicant has not provided an email address).

Share Certificates

Share certificates will be issued by post by the Registrar within ten Business Days of each allotment (or CREST accounts credited within ten Business Days for a Shareholder who has their New Shares credited to CREST). Therefore, Shareholders should expect to receive share certificates for their New Shares within 14 Business Days following an allotment.

Registered Office of British Smaller Companies VCT plc: 5th Floor Valiant Building, 14 South Parade, Leeds LS1 5QS. Registered No: 03134749. Corporate Governance: A full section on corporate governance is available in the latest BSC Annual Report which can be found in the Investor Information section of this website.
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