Why more women should seek careers in private equity

25 September 2017

More women should seek careers in private equity, says Mary Broadhead. Deputy Business Editor Greg Wright reports.

It’s a scene familiar to many women working in corporate finance. You turn up at a business event and find a distinct lack of gender equality. “I can remember walking in to networking events and thinking, ‘Crikey, I can’t actually see any other women here’,’’ recalled Mary Broadhead.

“That’s quite a daunting prospect. I’m not saying, that’s happened every time, but certainly back in the 1990s and early 2000s, I’ve been to events associated with private equity where it did feel you were in a men’s club. I would like events to be inclusive for everybody.” Ms Broadhead, who has worked in the venture capital and private equity sector for more than a quarter of a century, knows this thoughtful, inclusive approach can form the bedrock of a successful business. She has built up a cosmopolitan range of contacts and experiences…  Read the full article on The Yorkshire Post website