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02 Dec 2016

Portfolio News: Panasonic partners with B2M Solutions to expand service offering through launch of Toughbook Smart Service

B2M and Panasonic Toughbook Smart Service
Panasonic provides enterprise clients with advanced analytics tools to improve mobile device performance, increase user productivity, and maximise ROI

Panasonic Computer Products Solutions (“Panasonic”), and B2M Solutions, a software company whose products deliver valuable insights and actionable analytics for enterprise mobility customers, has announced a best of breed collaboration to expand Panasonic’s service offerings.

Powered by B2M Solutions, Panasonic’s Toughbook Smart Service, a scalable, cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, will provide organisations with the unique ability to gather and analyse data from mobile devices and proactively manage the devices’ health and utilisation in real time. Delivering unparalleled visibility of a business’ mobile estate, Toughbook Smart Service will capture, aggregate, analyse and report on device behaviour enabling better utilisation and maximising the return on investment. The service will also monitor data on network performance, application usage, disruptive events and battery life to help identify productivity improvements and cost savings.

“Through our partnership with B2M Solutions, we will be able to give customers valuable and actionable business intelligence collected in real-time from their  mobile devices in the field,” said Rob Blowers, GM of Panasonic Computer Products Europe. “Mobile device performance analytics will enable organisations to identify root causes of issues and implement corrective actions. Real-time  alerts to issues as they happen will correlate to the event that caused them, giving users the opportunity to find a solution before an issue becomes significant.  Customers can choose to manage their estate through Toughbook Smart Service themselves, or utilise Panasonic to manage it on their behalf.”

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