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21 Oct 2016

Portfolio news: Intamac signs ‘Full Access Licence’ deal with Sprue Aegis plc


Intamac is pleased to announce that Sprue Aegis plc (“Sprue”), one of Europe's leading home safety products suppliers, has acquired a licence to use Intamac’s Internet of Things (“IoT”) Connected Home cloud platform and embedded software source code, with development rights, on a perpetual royalty free basis.

Under the terms of the deal Sprue will be able to operate and develop its own unique IoT solutions and intellectual property, whilst gaining the speed to market and other advantages of building on top of Intamac’s mature, market proven software technology. Intamac has been working closely with Sprue over the past two years and a close link between the companies has been formed. Intamac has been helping to accelerate the innovation and transformation driven by the Internet of Things for over a decade. Its ‘Full Access Licence’ model, which was announced in May 2016, means that organisations like Sprue can now take complete control of their IoT solutions and innovate on a secure, proven platform to meet the specific needs of their customers. 

David Perez, CEO of Intamac said, “Sprue is a market leader with a well-deserved reputation for innovation and we are delighted that they are the first to take advantage of our new ‘Full Access Licence’ model. Sprue wanted to have absolute control of its IoT connected home product strategy, to develop unique products and services for its customers and its own IP. We put together the Full Access Licence model precisely to meet this kind of requirement. A Full Access Licence to our software is a new alternative model available alongside our established SaaS based offer.”

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