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Article 17 (1) of the EU’s Market Abuse Regulation (596/2014/EU) (“MAR”) requires the Company to inform the public of inside information ("Inside Information") as soon as possible and this section of the website includes all announcements which the Company believes to be Inside Information.  This information is also disclosed in the “Announcements” section of the website.
Article 7(1) of MAR defines Inside Information as information of a precise nature which has not been made public, relating, directly or indirectly, to one or more issuers or to one or more financial instruments and which, if it were made public, would be likely to have a significant effect on the prices of those financial instruments or on the price of related derivative financial instruments.

Date Recent Announcements
16 June 2017 Annual Financial Report Announcement for the Year to 31 March 2017
10 February 2017 BSC Interim Management Statement to 31 December 2016 and Offer for Subscription
6 December 2016 BSC Interim results for the six months ended 30 September 2016 - RN
28 November 2016 Announcement of BSC's exit from GO Outdoors 28 November 2016
28 July 2016 Interim Management Statement for the quarter ended 30 June 2016

Past performance of any fund advised or managed by YFM Equity Partners or any of its subsidiary companies is no guide to future performance of the British Smaller Companies VCT plc. The value of investments may go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested.